Underneath the Water 1996

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Color of Steal

Crawling On the Bottom

One of my favorite Brian Heying tunes. That's J's dog "Auto" 1990-2002(RIP) growling at the beginning of the tune.

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Day to Day

This is a tune written by Surahoolie drummer, Brian Heying.

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Death Race

We use to call this song Death Race to Ababca. Ababca was the original song structure. We just shortened it to Death Race. The song structure ended up being ABABCAD.

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Feel By Me

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This song was originally written back in 1989. It's on the "Surahoolies 4-track recordings 1986-89 vol one." One day in late 91, when we were jamming on this groove Brian and J were laying down, I started singing the Feel by me lyrics over the top of the groove and the new version was born. The 2 versions are nothing like each other.
The lyrics were inspired by my friend Tim Lage back in '89 when he was complaining about another roomate. He said, "you know, with him it's not what I do for you, it's more or less what you're supposed to do for me." I thought to myself, I need to write a song about that.

Heart Fade

Thank You Again

Two Way Bomba

Underneath the Water

Boom x 7

This was co-written with Jim Bjorklun and the surahoolies. It was written some time in the early 90s?

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This instrumental is named Andy's because I came up with the main guitar lick when I was at my friend Andy Valenty's house back in 1987.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Both Worlds

I wrote this song in November or December, 1991 when I lived a block away from 38th and Nicollet in Minneapolis. I was living with my Girlfriend and 2 other Bandmembers at the time. It's kind of a cold feet/love song I guess. I came up with the riff on a keyboard and we just transferred it to piccolo, added a bass line and some lyrics.

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She said I think you're unable to believe what you're gunna be.
I said get off the other end of that table and sit next to me.
God damn now listen up my soul lover, listen up to me, I want to spend eternity with you, I want to be free.
Can you give me the best of both worlds, she said we'll see we'll see.
Can you give me the best of both worlds, she said we'll see we'll see.